Acoustic Telemetry Diagram

BioSonics Telemetry Acoustic Systems

Our acoustic telemetry offering consists of three main types of technologies: JSATS, MAP, and R Code. We also have an innovative Multi-Mode option that combines MAP and R Code technology on one transmitter. For each of these technologies, we offer the full solution of transmitters, receivers, and software for analyzing the data.

Component JSATS MAP R Code Multi-Mode
(MAP+R Code)
Transmitter L-AMT Series M Series R Series MM Series
Autonomous Receiver WHS4000 WHS3000 Series WHS2000 All MAP and R Code Receivers
Cabled Receiver LHP Series Hydrophones  
MAP600 Series Receivers
Software WHS4000 Host MAPHost WHS2000 Host MAP/R Code Software

Common Search Criteria

BioSonics Telemetry currently has a variety of technologies to choose from. With each of these technologies, there are unique benefits and tradeoffs. The table below compares a list of attributes that serve as common selection criteria for telemetry systems.

Attribute JSATS MAP R Code Multi-Mode
(MAP+R Code)
Smallest Transmitter Weight (In Air) 0.2g 0.9g 5.5g 5.5g
Presence/Absence Monitoring X X X X
2D Positioning X X   X
3D Positioning   X   X
High Speed Mobile Tracking   X   X
Temperature, Pressure and Motion Sensors   X   X
Signal Collision Immunity Medium High Low High
Sample Rate for Transmissions High High Low High
Transmitter, Receiver, and Software Available X X X X
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