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Biosonics Telemetry LP, officially formed in June of 2010, is an exciting new partnership between Biosonics, Inc and Lotek Wireless. This new partnership represents a great opportunity to bring together years of expertise and experience to focus on acoustic telemetry solutions for the Pacific Northwest.

Lotek Wireless, founded in 1984, is the world leader in design and manufacturing of fish and wildlife monitoring systems. Loteks innovative and internationally recognized acoustic telemetry solutions enable researchers to track fish and other animals through any aquatic environment.

BioSonics, Inc., founded in 1978, has been providing hydroacoustic products and services to the fisheries research community around the world for over 30 years. From its Seattle, Washington headquarters, BioSonics manufactures scientific echosounders, designed for a wide range of fisheries, marine life and habitat assessment applications, and has established an excellent reputation for quality and service.

By bringing together the quality products of Lotek Wireless and long-standing, excellent reputation of Biosonics, Inc., it is the goal of Biosonics Telemetry to be a preferred supplier of acoustic telemetry solutions for the Pacific Northwest!

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